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We Have the System to Meet Your Needs
Whether you work in mining, forestry, mass transit, landfills, recycling or any number of fields, Katahdin Fire Company can meet your fire system needs. Working in cooperation with you the customer, the equipment dealer and the insurance company, we will design and install the fire system that meets your specific needs. With systems from Afex, Amerex, and Dafo, we are confident we have the system for your equipment and application.

Fire systems that are designed and installed to meet your needs do more than protect your equipment investment … they protect your business and your livelihood.

Option 1: Traditional Dry Chemical Systems
These systems have long been the industry standard for vehicle fire suppression. These versatile systems work best in an enclosed area. Total flooding dry chemical systems offer rapid fire knockdown and flame suffocation.

Option 2: Innovative Wet Agent Systems
Wet agent fire suppression systems are relatively new in the vehicle fire system market. Wet agent attacks the fire both at its source and in the hazard area as a whole. With the additional features a wet agent offers in cooling down the material and protecting against reigniting, wet agent systems are rapidly becoming the system of choice on vehicles.

Option 3: Dual Release Systems
In applications on larger machines where increased heat is a major problem, combining the knockdown of dry chemical with the cooling and wetting characteristics of a wet agent in one system may be the best solution.

State of the Art Technology & Integration
Telematics and systems connectivity is becoming more common in the mobile equipment industry. This ability to remotely monitor off road equipment and their on board systems is becoming more in demand. Katahdin Fire is able to offer this feature on some of our fire systems. Ask us today to see if this optional feature is available to you.



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