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Frequently Asked Questions

What are vehicle fire suppression systems?
They are fire suppression systems installed on heavy duty off-road equipment and vehicles to suppress fires when they occur.

Why are these systems different from other types of fire systems?
These systems are specifically designed, manufactured and installed for the unique hazards associated with this type of equipment and the extreme environments it operates in. One size does not fit all, and each machine is unique and has special considerations when installing a fire system.

What makes the systems fire/discharge?
Vehicle systems are discharged either manually or automatically. In the event of a fire, automatic actuation/discharge occurs when either a heat sensor reaches a pre-determined temperature or detection wire is melted. The system can be discharged manually if the equipment operator sees the fire before the system detects it.

How long would it take to install a fire system on my machine?
In most cases systems can be installed and operating in no more than a day.  Depending on the size of the system, sometimes less and sometimes more.

Can any fire systems service company install or work on a vehicle system?
No.  Vehicle fire suppression systems are a specialized field.  Unless a company has personnel specifically trained in service and installation of these systems they can’t properly service them.

How often do vehicle fire suppression systems need to be serviced?
Generally unless there is a fire (which requires a system recharge) or a problem of some type, the systems need to be inspection every six (6) months.  This involves a visual inspection of all components and a functional test of the system itself.

How long will my machine be down for inspection or service?
Generally an inspection takes no more than an hour unless a deficiency is found and requires fixing.  Service and recharge times are more and depend on the amount / complexity of work that needs to be done.



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